Art | How to write your own artistic manifesto

If you want to be taken under consideration as an artist, you have to write your own artistic manifesto. Seriously, an art manifesto is a fundamental declaration of intent for an individual artist or a group of artists. Prior to communicate to the whole world your cogitations, let’s analyse how to proceed. This is a smart guide on how to write your own manifesto in a few steps.

#1. The examples from the past

The great examples are from the first manifestos of the first decades of the XX Century, to the late 60s. Everything has been made after those years is quite ridiculous. Futurist, Cubist, Dada (my preferred one) and Surrealist manifestos are the best ones (and they are really tight between them).

#2. The essence of your art

Start focusing the essence of your art. Of course, if your artistic idea is REVOLUTIONARY is easy to have a great manifesto. If you have nothing to say…well, everybody has something to say! Anyway, write a manifesto is a good exercise to help you focus your purposes.

Equip yourself with paper, pencil and colours and take note of all your ponderings.

Ask yourself: What do I want to communicate? How do I visualize it? Where do I get my inspiration?


#3. Less is more

Now, read again your notes and cut a 40%. You don’t have to write a masterpiece of literature!


#4. The style

 Define an original style for your manifesto that express you at best and try to put together all your ideas in the form of an infographic.


#5. Share it!

Now you are ready to communicate to the world your manifesto and spread it on the net.

Be open to critics. The more you communicate, the more feedback you receive. And somethimes these feedback can be negative. I suggest you to absorb the criticism and transform it into a positive opportunity of growing for yourself.

Images: Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons


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